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Hey Necia here! If you’ve found me by chance, please feel free to click on my About Me page to learn a little something, something about me. Otherwise, Im gonna jump right in, k? K!

So it’s been like forever, a week since I rode a bike. All the drama with the child seat, returning Suzie( my new bike), because of said child seat drama, choosing Sweetie,( my newest, new bike), buying Suzie, buying a child seat, and installing my must haves along with child seat, has sure been a traumatizing experience.

I’ve been out of it, this past week. Eating terribly, not doing any extra moving. Just doing the bare minimum. A sure slob!

Well, no more. Sweetie was finally ready to go. I was a tad bit nervous about riding her with the child seat in the middle, as it is a somewhat awkward fit. However, I was determined, and deep down inside I knew it had to work.

I picked up Thing 2 from the sitter. I had prepared her all weekend for our bike rides. Finally, today was the day! It went well! I cant wait until weeride again. (Note: a more comprehensive review will follow, after a couple weeks of use.)

Thanks for visiting!


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This entry was posted on July 30, 2012 by in Cycling.


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