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NYC Summer Streets

Although this week has flew by, I am more then ready to welcome the weekend.  Especially Saturday, which is sure to be lots of fun.

For it’s 5th annual year, NYC is presenting Summer Streets! This will be my first year participating, but I’ve heard so much about it.  From what I’ve heard between certain hours, 6 miles of city streets will be closed to cars, and OPEN, OPEN, OPEN to pedestrians, cyclists, inline skaters, and just people in general.

I think this is fantastic, and an excellent way to promote awareness, to well MOVING!  Get up and MOVE people!  Events, like this really can have a positive effect (depending) on who you ask on city as a whole.

Normally, I would spend my Saturday, meeting with my running group, and pounding out a few miles.  Instead, we are all traveling into the city, and we will play our hearts out.

Along the closed streets, there are several rest stops set up.  From what I’ve read, the rest stops is where all the action IS.  I’m most looking forward to Soho Rest Stop, as Rei will have a rock climbing wall out there.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to rock climb, and tomorrow may be my lucky day.  Also at this rest stop, there will be bike rentals, and free bike repairs.  There appears to be bike parking at every rest stop. This is awesome, so if I decide to bring my bike in, I can always park it to participate in some of the other activities.

My group and I are meeting at the Foley Square rest stop which is way down town.  Here, they will also have bike rentals, and get this a zip line!  Can you imagine zip lining through the streets of NYC?  Yea, well I can’t either.  This is something that I’m going to have to see to believe.

Hopefully, I wont get so distracted I don’t make it too far, because I definitely want to hit the midtown rest stop.  There we will find food, water stations, FREE rollerblade rentals and repair, and again bike repair, courtesy of the 5 borough bike club.  There will also be adult learn to ride classes.  I think this is awesome too, because you’d be surprised how many adults never got to learn how to ride a bike as a child.  Speaking of the 5bbc, I hope I can get more details on this club, because I may be open to joining them.  Out of the many cycling clubs this one sounds like it’s more welcoming of casual cyclists, as they have rides for all levels and intensities.

So the rest stops goes from downtown all the way uptown near central park.  I wonder just how far I will end up making it.  Good thing, this will be repeated for the next 4 weeks.  I have a feeling tomorrow, won’t be the only day I participate.

So lovelies, stay safe.  Enjoy your weekend, and GET UP AND GO!






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