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I’ve Got Nothing

Somehow, I was so excited about Summer Streets, that I managed to sleep right through it.  Sigh.  I guess that was my body way of telling me to rest.

I spent the weekend doing household duties like laundry, and spent it mothering my thing 1 and 2.  Being, I don’t have exciting photos of NYC summer streets, I will share with you, exciting photos of my Jersey City summer week and weekend.

One day last week, as I was minding my own business riding to the train station, this vagabond, deemed it necessary to cross in front of my bike, as I was slowing to a stop, to say good morning, and to kindly nick name me Big Yeller.  Good morning Big Yeller!  I mean, I see where he was coming from, but seriously?  Lol.

This is what I looked like.  Of course, I had the helmet on, and I was on Sweetness!










Here’s a shot of Thing 2!  As you can tell from her smile, she really enjoys riding along with Mommy!











And here’s a picture of my hair after taking off my helmet.  As you can see, depending on who you ask, I do NOT suffer from helmet head.  Im actually quite PLEASED with this look, and this is how I wear my hair OFTEN!











And finally, a picture of how we ended the weekend.  Cups of course! I love me some fro-yo!










So that be about it!  Until we meet again!





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