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Mid-Week Check In

Hey Ya’ll,
This week is turning out to be a pretty good week for me fitness wise. I have been doing some moving, and that’s always the goal.

Let’s re-cap:
Mon(8/6): No bike commute, but I did come home to see my kettle bell looking dusty. I felt bad, so I picked it up.











I had plans of doing the following routine 3x’s through: (denotes weight in lbs/denotes qty/reps)
25/10 double swings
25/10 alternating swings
25/10 double swings
25/10 single swings
25/10 double swings

This would’ve been an 150 rep workout if I had my way. However, I did NOT have my way, and instead it was a 52 rep, which we will just round down to 50. 1 set was completed, and I was done for the count. I have never felt my muscles engage so quickly on ANY exercise. I gotta admit it felt good to work out, even if I was, am still sore. 50 rep workout

Tue(8/7): Bike commute. Home to Baby Sitter, Baby Sitter to Train, and back again in Reverse, in the evening. 5.6 miles.









In the office, I had a techy installing some software on my computer. Instead of staring at him, willing him to hurry up, like I would normally do, I grabbed my kettlebell and did the following:
20/10 Figure 8s
20/10 Upright Rows
I made it through 3 sets, and a few random halo’s, windmills, and swings thrown in for demonstration purposes. 60 rep workout

Why yes, I do keep a kettle bell in the office, and yes I did proceed to workout, right in the open, on the side of a cubicle. And, of course I managed to drop my kettle bell while being overzealous during one of the figure 8 reps. Oops.

Wed(8/9): A friend from my running group text me rather late last night (I was still up), and asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride tomorrow, today. Of course I said yes, even though I knew I wouldn’t really want to get up so early. Well I got up anyway, there is something about accountability, and I had a very good ride early this morning. 8.86 miles

Came home to shower, and get Thing 2 ready for the sitter, and off we went. Bike commute: 5.6 miles by the time I get home.

Total miles traveled by 2 wheels: 14.46 miles (and now that I type this, I may seriously go the long way around, so I can get in 15 solid miles)

My nutrition has been so/so. However, that’s better then it’s been in the past weeks. With working out, I do strive to eat better. I’ve made 2 batches of green monsta’s this week so far. I used coconut milk, spinach, strawberries, and bananas. Ive also added chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, and pb2. It’s great to have the green monsta back in my life. I need to make it a habit to have a juice or a monsta a day. I recall doing this at one time, and not consuming coffee, and not MISSING it either. On Monday, I actually prepared dinner (black bean burgers) instead of takeout.

This morning I prepared breakfast (green monsta, and 2 egg white + 1 yolk omelette), instead of skipping or ordering take out.











I think I’m going to prepare dinner too. Im thinking simple grilled chicken with a simple cabbage slaw.

So I said all of this to say, although I am very hard and highly critical of myself, little changes add up! While I may not have lost a ton of weight, I haven’t gained, and to me, that is always a GOOD thing!

So how is your mid week shaping up?

Until we meet again.



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