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About Friggin Time

Well hello, cyber space!  Since I last left you, exactly 1 week ago today, I was trying to chase getting a total of 15 miles cycled.  Im happy to report, I reached my goal and cycled 15.75 miles in total last Wednesday.
Since then, there has been a ton of rain in the forecast but not necessarily any rain.  Considering, I cycle commute with my daughter for part of the way, I have to actually take the forecast into consideration, and more often then not, I play it SAFE, and fall back on the ole bus/train commute.
Needless to say Thursday was an OFF day for cycling.  Not entirely because of the forecast, but because I felt I deserved one. I did do a short Kettlebell workout, whose details I have since lost.

Friday – Off day.  Forecast predictions were terrible.  Of course it rained for 5 minutes. Looking ahead, Saturday didn’t promise to be any better.  I decided to focus on my hair.  I applied a self made mud wash, and began to mentally prepare myself to install nubian twists (the process can be long and tedious)
Saturday – 4 mile run/walk.  I wanted to try to attempt attending Summer Streets, but again the forecast predictions were terrible!  All day I waited for the torrential storms.  I decided to get on with my nubian twist install, being the humidity has been taking a toll on my hair.  12hrs later the installation was complete, and there wasn’t 1 bit of rain.  It had been an absolute beautiful day, as a matter of fact.

Sunday – I played with my friend. Nuff said.

Monday – I managed to cycle commute.  It was glorious. (4.37 miles)

Tuesday (yesterday) – Rain predictions.  No cycling.  It rained for 5 minutes.

Wednesday (today) Scattered thunder showers. I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, but I tell you.  I willed it not to rain!  Well, I got my wish! I experienced a down pour while I was trying to get lunch today. It even got dark and gloomy.  Somehow, I’m not sold.  I think that was it, and it might be bright  and sunny for the rest of the day. In any event.  My bike is at home, and I will be utilizing the bus and train.  I will also make sure to swing my bells tonight.

Well, hopefully, I will be back before a week has passed.  If not, you can be sure, that I will get in as much living, cycling, running, and swinging as I can!




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