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Just Me & Thing 2

The weekend didnt start off very promising. I was up before the crack of dawn, wih plans on going for a nice run with some friends of mine. I planned on running a loop with them, and then sticking around to run another loop with my running group. But of course, it rained, and rained some more!

I turned around, and decided I would take Thing 2 out to breakfast. I waited until she awoke, and off to Ihop we went. I figured pancakes would more then makeup for the shitty weather we were experiencing.A good time was had! While we were in Ihop the weather took a turn for the better! The sun came out, and the ground dried up! I HAD to take advantage of this!

Thing 2 and I boarded Sweetness, and we were out. We rode about 5 miles to the park. She played and she got dirty, and we rode back home. We played at home for awhile, and then beng it was still light outside, we decided to go again. We rode about a mile and a half to a near by park, and we played, and played.

Yep, I played too! She climbed, I climbed. She swung, I swung. She slid, I slid. And we did it over and over again! Then I rode us home.

Today was just as fantastic, and very fun filled. A long bike ride, 2 parks, brunch with a mimosa, goat cheese pizza, 2 iced coffee’s, and a tumble. Eventful, with good food and drink. Both Thing 2 and I are fine! It’s just something that happened. I got us both up, well she was still in her chair, although the bike was on the ground, brushed us off, and continued with the ride.

Of course she cried a little bit, but that’s to be expected! More importantly, I wanted her to know, that although, one may fall, there is nothing to it, but to get up again, and keep it moving. I think I got my point across!

To preserve the battery on my phone, I cut my gps off after 12 miles. However, Im sure we cycled at LEAST 18 miles today! Awesome!

So how was your weekend?


P.S. we miss our Thing 1 and bro bro, but we are glad he’s bonding with his gand pa, and uncle!


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This entry was posted on August 20, 2012 by in Cycling, Family, Necia Goes.
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