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This Past Week

This past week has been a whirl wind of events. Lets see if I can pick up where I left off!

Sun 8/19 – I logged 11.77 cycling miles. Of course, I stopped tracking after awhile to preserve my battery. Note to self: consider buying a bike computer! Anywho, this ride was with Thing 2 and I. We met a friend of mine, and cycled in between parks and play grounds, pit stops. Everyone was happy!

Mon 8/20 – Fri 8/24 – I commuted daily to the train station. Give or take 5.6 miles Monday Through Friday.

Fri 08/24 – I took it a step further and bought my bike into the city. The train ride there, was crowded but I managed. I figured, being its been about a month, I would take Sweetness in for a tune up or a looksie, so to speak. So, once I arrived to my work stop on the train, I figured I would jump on the bike lane right outside, and ride it the 2 blocks to my office. The 1 time I did it before, traffic was easy breezy. That day, not so much. Turned out, about an hour prior, there was an abrupt shooting just a block away. Traffic was grid locked, and the streets was swarming with pedestrians, cars, cabs, cops, and cyclists. It was a nightmare! Usually I follow ALL the rules in NYC, because I really do value my life, but after awhile, I had to remember I was on a bike, and I needed to value my J.O.B. I did what I had to do and weaved and wobbled between cars that was merely inching along. I finally made it to my office building. And let me just say, how lucky I am. I’m able to take my bike upstairs on the freight elevator, and park it right aside my cube. My building management rocks, and my bosses rock too!

Ok, so its the end of my work day, and I need to get Sweetness and I, a little less then a mile away to the bike store. The thought was nerve wracking, because hey, this is NYC during rush hour. Side walk cycling is not allowed at all! I would be lucky if there was a bike lane that was useable! Well the ride there, I was lucky! There was a bike lane, and I was able to cycle on it for the most part. Of course, when I reached Times Square, things got a little harrowing. However, I just followed another cyclists lead, and took the lane, until I was able to pick up the bicycle lane again. Shortly thereafter, I was turning onto the block for the bike store. It took me no more then 5 minutes. Yay, me!

Sweetness was given a looksie and a slight adjustment, and I was on my way! Unfortunately I wasnt so lucky going back. Not a bike lane in sight. I decided 9th avenue, southern bound couldnt be too bad. I was wrong. It took me 10 minutes to go 3 blocks! I was annoyed. At the next red light, I crossed over the 3 lanes, and headed towards 7th avenue. I was right back in the throes of Times Square, but at that point, I said what the hell.

I made it back to my starting point, and had roughly an hour to kill, as bikes arent allowed on the PATH train before 6:30 pm. I locked Sweetness up and chatted it up with a friend of mine, who works a few doors down from me. At around 6, I came up with a Necia Bright Idea. Lol. I figured I could kill time, by jumping on the nearby greenway. I could cycle South to World Trade Center, and by the time I cycled there it should be 6:30.

I love how cycling brings out my adventurist side, yet brings me out of my comfort zone. The ride down was glorious, peaceful and serene. The only issue I had was that I confused Vestry Street, with Vessey Street. As a result, I exited the greenway too early. I was greeted with cobblestones, which I nor Sweetness approved of. I dismouted and walked around dazed and confused for awhile. Finally someone pointed me in the right direction. I walked along side the cobblestone streets, until finally there was pavement. I remounted then. I rode threw the village. Exciting and exhilirating. Far too soon, I reached the world trade center. Far too late, I might add too. It was now 7 and I needed to MOVE. I needed to pick Thing 2 up from the sitter.

I didnt even have time to seek out the elevator. Those familiar with the world trade center path stop knows all about the stairs. I had to pull my big girl panties up and descend the steps. I did it too. Reached the bottom, the same time as a cyclist who boarded the escalator WITH his bike, the same time I started my stair journey. I hauled Sweetness over the turnstyle, waved my smartcard, and barreled down 1 final flight of stairs. The train was there, so I got on, and plopped myself in a seat. Although I was running late, at JSQ, I took the time out to ride the elevator. I knew I still had to get my bike upstairs once I reached home, so I wanted to save some energy. I booked it to the sitter’s.

Picked up Thing 2 and rode the rest of the way home. So yeah at least 5 additional miles that day. Yeah, yeah!

Sat 8/25 – I didnt want to see my bike. Drove to the park, and met up with my running group, Black Girls Run, North Jersey. Ate 3.5 miles doing walk/run intervals. It felt good! Even when it didnt. Lol.


Weekly cycling mileage logged 42.79 miles. This doesnt even include the miles that I rode while my tracker was off!

Whew what a week! A GREAT one!

Considering, I wrote a novel, I will pop back in by Saturday, to close out the week and the month of August.



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