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Hello September

Hello, darlings! Hello, September! After a week of running around, performing mommy duties, my August fitness minutes, took a serious nose dive. I vaguely recall a 3 mile, round trip, ride to the park. That was earlier in the week, and that was it, fitness wise.

I’m happy to say, September started with a bang. Yesterday, the 1st, I ran 3.9 miles with my running group – BGR – North Jersey – Jersey City. Now, is the time, when I will say Im really dissapointed. I should’ve pushed on for that 4. Yesterday, I just wanted to hurl, and I was grateful it was over. Lol.


Today, I met up with a friend. We took our bikes on the Path into NYC. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the tourists, were at a minimum. We hopped on the East Coast Greenway going North, and rode and rode. We started at lower Manhattan, and stopped just short of 125th street. We stopped at a cafe along the way, and sipped and chatted. It was glorious.

All together, I cycled 23 miles today! How’s that? I’m pretty damned pleased with our accomplishments.


Of course, now I’m laying down, pleasantly sore,and exhausted. All, in a good way. I refueled with the easiest cucumber salad ever. Let me apologize in advance for the lack of photos. I was too hungry.

Easiest Cucumber Salad Ever
Peeled and Sliced Cucumber Rounds (i used 3 very large cucumbers)
Sea Salt to taste
Pour apple cider vinegar with 2T of dissolved sugar over cukes

Eat & Enjoy!

Great for rehydrating, and rebalancing of electrolytes.

Well, that’s my time! Until we meet again!



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