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9 All Time Favorite Fitness Apps

Howdy ya’ll. I thought it would be fun to do a post on my all time favorite Fitness Apps. In order for Necia to stay on the go, I heavily use my Iphone, which is loaded up with Apps to keep me on the go. I find the following 9 apps to be not only useful, but highly motivating and encouraging.


1. Nike Plus Running App
Hands down my favorite running app. I love the data and the feedback it provides. I love how it can be connected to Facebook at the start of a run. If a friend “likes” my post, it comes through as a cheer WHILE I’m running. How’s that for motivation and encouragement?

2. 10K for Pink – Free
Interval based running app that eases you into running a 10K within 14 weeks. Perfect for moving along after c25k training. I’m using this app now, and its perfect, because I fell off of running, but I havent fallen all the way back into my couch cushion. I WILL probably buy the full version, as that version includes half marathon training, and running a half marathon has been a goal of mine, for quite some time now.

3. Map My Fitness GPS Tracker
I mainly use this to keep track of the mileage I cycle, although it can be used for sooooooooo much more. There are all sorts of challenges created on its online site, and this gps tracking app will keep track of your workouts. I have used it to help keep track of various challenges, and I have used it for running as well. However, I still prefer the Nike Plus for running.

4. Interval Run
I’m sure there are probably ALOT of apps that does what this one does. Truth is, I had this app pre Iphone, and I find with the amount of user customization that is offered, I would absolutely buy this again. The user is allowed to input their own intervals, and save their workout. Then, all you have to do is start said workout, and a man or a woman will talk your intervals to you. Works in the background. Use this with Nike Plus and a slamming playlist, and you can hardly go wrong.

5. Strong Lifts 5×5 workout
Sadly, I’ve only played with this app. However, when I finally get serious and dag my butt to the gym, this will definitely be used. The user interface is easy, and the design is clean. At the inexpensive price of FREE, I wouldnt be able to understand how anyone doing the 5×5 program could live without this app.

6. Ride The City
This is not a true app, but it’s getting mentioned here because I have used it numerous times not to mention it. This is a mapping website. The above link will take you to ts Iphone page, which I have bookmarked on my phone. One tap, and Im able to input my starting destination and my final destination. It will then give me turn by turn directions, taking in account all the useful things cyclists need to know. For example, it will route you along the streets safest for cyclists, or cycling friendly streets so to speak. This website supports many cities. If you are a cyclist, I urge you to check and see if your city is offered. If you are into bike sharing, then I would suggest you go with the full shebang and purchase the actual app
Truth be told, I will probably buy the full app just to support the developers, as I do feel this is an app that can benefit many cyclists.

7. Interval Timer
I use this only when Im doing kettlebell drills. Its helpful to have a timer to nudge me along when my REST exceeds a reasonable amount of time. This would be excellent for Tabata workouts, if you dont want to use Interval Run above.

8. Seconds Interval Timer
I couldnt decide between this one and the interval timer above. Again, I use this one, strictly for kettle bell drills. Both of these timers are quite different, however they are both priced at an affordable FREE! For now, both will take up space on my Iphone, until I can call a favorite.

9. Weatherbug
With all the moving and shaking I do, I felt I should definitely mention my favorite weather tracking app. This app determines if I will be working outdoors or indoors, or calling it a REST day.

I hope you enjoyed my list, and I definitely hope you’ve found some new apps to consider. So tell me, any of YOUR favorite fitness apps, you think I should consider?

Until we meet again!



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