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Kicking It Up

Howdy folks! How are we doing on this fine Sunday?

Last week was a 4 day work week for me, and lets just say it was hectic. School also re-started, in the middle of the week, for my son. Bananas! Lots of moving around, but nothing really structured.

My cycling miles for last week was 36.8 miles. The majority of those miles was last Sunday, biking the greenway of New York City! It was glorious. I must do it again. I also took the time to extend my work commute on Friday. I did this simply by taking my bike on the train into NYC.

I left the office around 6pm, and jumped onthe greenway going South to the world trade center. Yes, the 34th street Path is moments away from my job, but
1) Bikes are not allowed on the train between 3pm and 6:30 pm.
2) Even at 6:30 pm, taking my bike on the train is not really a pleasant experience. Its too crowded.

So rather then hang around, I decided to grab some mileage. I cycled downtown, picking up 3 extra miles, and the train part of my commute was easy and much less crowded. Upon reaching Jersey, I booked it into high gear, to pick up Thing 2 from the sitter.

Yesterday, I met up with the running group and grabbed nearly 4 miles of run/walk intervals. It was a peasant work out. However, I want MORE!

Its time that I train my body to wake up at 6am to run! I say I hate running, but its really a love/hate relationship. Bad runs can be really bad, but the good one’s can be really GREAT! Im ready to chase those great runs again.

So for this week, I will make a conscious effort to wake up early on mon/wed/fri, to get in at least 30 mins of running. I will not think, I will just DO IT! Hold me accountable!

Cycle wise, I plan on getting it in every day this week! The forecast looks promsing AND my money is funny! Rather pay to ride the bus, Im going to use my God given legs to get me to the train. I CAN do this!

Ok, I will pop back in tomorrow, letting you know how my run went!



One comment on “Kicking It Up

  1. Urban Running Girl
    September 10, 2012

    Ok-I’ll hold you accountable! Report back and let us know how your 6am wake up calls have gone this week! šŸ˜‰ Happy Running!

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