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That Running Thing

Oh yeah, that running thing? Totally didnt happen. I met up today with my running group, and proceeded to run my mouth for the duration of 3.3 miles, all while I WALKED! Pathetic, right?


Well, yeah and no! Yea, because I had a vision and didnt try to implement it, and NO, because I was active. Im not gonna beat myself up too much. I was up and moving!

In cycling news, I pedaled my feet, every day this week except once. I opted to get around on more than 2 wheels because I had alot of running around to do with Thing 1. Besides that, I rode, and it was swell. Perfect cycling weather! Here are my stats for the week.


Sooooooo, my plans for the week include:

Continuing my research on the perfect road bike. ( more on that later)
Ride as often as I can.
Run 1 more time in addition to my standing Saturday group run (baby steps).
Meet up with the Social Cycling Club NYC ( more on that later)

So, how was your week? Anything interesting planned for this upcoming week?

Until we meet again


P.S. that was totally a 4 mile brisk walk today. Nike app shows less, because while I was running, er walking, I forgot to turn it on.


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This entry was posted on September 16, 2012 by in Cycling, Necia Goes, Running.
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