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Crafty Things Are Taking

Shape over here, in Necia’s world. With the temps dropping, and the day turning to night earlier,mit doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out the seasons are soon to be changing. This summer was spent falling in love with cycling. I refuse to givebit up so soon.

Instead, I decided to create something functional and wearable, to hopefully help me adapt to fall and winter cycling. I took it wayyyyyyyy back, and crocheted a poncho.


I dont know how adaptable it is to cycling, but its most definitely wearable! If all else fails, I can wear it around the office and house to ward off chills. I can actually see myself running errands in this too, be it by bike or car.

This baby came together fast too! I started it Sunday evening, and was finished the next day. I worked on it sporadically too. Mindless double crochet, and a quick seam later, and I had me a rocking poncho. I may be adding 2 buttons at the top neckline to dress it up a bit.

I cant wait to wear this! I can see it now, the options are limitless! Over a sweater and tight with long or short boots. With a pencil skirt. With a long billowing skirt. Hell, with some skinny jeans or jeggings. The sky is truly the limit! I will make sure to document it in true action.

Still, feeling totally inspired my next project was on the hook, upon rising today.


Here we have a blob of granny squares. They are waiting patiently to be joined together, and turned into something fabulous! Well, I have a few more to hook, to complete the look. Will you stay tuned?

So, have you been partaking in any craftiness lately?

Until we meet again!



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This entry was posted on September 18, 2012 by in crafts, crochet.
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