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The Social Ride ThatvWasnt & Re-Caps

Hi dolls,

How are you? How was your week? Let me break mine down:

Mon – off from work, did nothing.
Tue- off from work, did nothing.
Wed – back at work. Commuted to train, but generaly felt out of it. Back to work blues.
Thur – While showering for work, my lower back started hurting. Really hurting! Commuted to work. It wasnt pleasant at all! The train ride was worst, even though I had a seat. Sitting, standing, walking, was unbearable.
Fri – Back pain was still prevalent. Took the bus to the train. I was miserable. Went to the doctor after work. Yup, I was in so much pain, I finagled an appointment for that day.

Prognosis was a pulled muscle. I was prescribed 2 medications. A steiroid, and a muscle relaxant. Ive yet to take either.

Sat (today) – The social ride Ive been looking forward to all week. The weather is overcast, and I have a slight twinge in my lower back. I pop 2 motrins that someone gave me, and prepared for the ride.

Social Ride NYC was hosting a female only ride, and the theme was fairies. Now, I havent dressed up in years, and at first I was hesitant. Those that know me, know I tend to be overly realistic, and try hard not to entertain whimsy. However, the message that I took from this, was that more female cyclists are needed on the road. Attire shouldnt be a reason, not to get out there. The saddle accepts you as you are!

I was able to pull this together:


Unfortunately, I never made it to the park to meet up with the ladies. Boo! My navigation skills suck! In any event, I took advantage of the beautiful, now sunny day. I rode sweetness, and enjoyed myself greatly. I became familiar with the 2nd ave bike lane. I rode the East River greenway for a bit, then I turned it around and I rode uptown to the Henry Hudson greenway. Took it downtown.

Im disappointed I missed meeting the ladies, and even more disappointed I didnt get to try the ice cream from the big gay icecream store, however I had fun!

So my weekly re-cap is approx 23 miles of cycling, and no running! The bulk of those miles came from today!

Oh by the way, my 1st half marathon will NOT be happening tomorrow! Next,lol.

Im looking forward to the tour de Bronx and a bike ride on my birthday! Stay tuned!


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