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The Epicness That Was The Tour De Bronx

So after my failed attempt at the tour de Jersey City 15 miler, I had high hopes of taking it back home to the Bx! Even though, I had more cycling practice, and a better bike, which I felt comfortable on, I decided to go the conservative route, and try for 25 miles.

The day started early. I met N a few blocks from my house, and we booked it to Exchange Place to meet C. It was a little colder then brisk,and we were pedaling away! I really wish I had a cycloputer because we got downtown in no time. Sure the fact that traffic was light helped, but we really were moving!

Once we met C, we took the Path to WTC, and from there we took a train uptown, made 1 more pit stop and picked up J. From there it was BX bound! 161st street, here we come. Mind you, registration closed at 10:45 am. We made it to the Bx with hardly any time to spare! There were cyclists everywhere!

We finally got registered, and it was time to start! Starting took forever, and involved quite a bit of walking. However, once we got rolling, it was on and popping. Before, I knew it we had rolled past and through the neighborhood I grew up in. Riding through St. Mary’s park bought back fond memories of my childhood. Before I knew it, we were at mile 5 and the 1st rest stop.

At that point, I was on cloud 9, and really didnt want to stop. However, the rest stops were mandatory. It wasnt until later, that I would appreciate those mandatory rest stops. Pacing is definitely key in an event like this, and exhiliration can be great, but whats greater is conserving one’s energy!

So we rolled and we pedaled, and we stopped, and we did that continuously throughout the day. The tour literally took all day, but it truly was a ride that anyone could participate in. At the end of the day, we all were tired but felt so accomplished! Too bad our next task was getting back to Jersey City. Thus we made it back. Cranky, tired, and sore!

Would I participate again? Absolutely!

25 mile or 40? 25 if I bring Thing 1, 40 if Im feeling cocky! Hell, the Bx has some hils! There was 1 at the end, that just got steeper and steeper! I heard there is really a killer one on the 40 mile tour.

Things I would do differently?
Probably break in my new saddle, before taking on a 25 mile tour! Also, I would take hella more pics of my surroundings. Memories are great!

Rating from 1-10, I would give the tour a 9. Registration was kind of hectic, but Im glad it didnt set the tone for our day. I would like to thank transportation alternatives for all the work they put into making this tour happen.The routes were well marked on the street. There were plenty marshalls, easily recognized, once I learned what to look for. The sponsors were amazing! The rest stops were well stocked, and I wasnt no early bird when I reached them either, and there were still plenty of food and water. Also, the NYC police department, who did their thing stopping traffic! I guess I should thank the drivers too, who waited soooo patiently, even though they didnt have a choice.

So without further adieu, check the pics I managed to take









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