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Hurricane Sandy & Picking Up The Pieces

Hiya! Last we spoke I was still feeling the high of the Tour De Bronx, and I had decided to keepnthe momentum going by registering for a half marathon.

Since then, Hurricane Sandy came and wreaked havoc on the East Coast. Before I could even figure out my training plan, my training park has succumbed to the damage of Sandy. Liberty State Park is closed until further notice.

Experiencing a hurricane as serious as Sandy, was very challenging to my family. Yes, we have damages. Yes, we went without power and heat, for way longer then I care to reminisce. Yes, we are blessed, for we are survivors! There are so many that cant say the same. I tell anyone that asks, that my damages were very minimal, and not even wirth discussing in comparison to soooo many.

So, moving along, Ive finally started my half marathon training. Hopefully, I will fet to run it. The atlantic city boardwalk took a huge hit from Sandy, and rehabilitation may be time consuming. We shall see!

This is week 2 of my training, and it looks like this:
Tue 3 miles
Thur 3 miles
Sat 4 miles
Sun 3 miles

Technically, I should’ve started training last Sunday, but my mind was NOT in it! I managed to pull myself together by Saturday. I knocked out a little over 5, instead of the 4 that was on the schedule.

A few things worth noticing:
Gingseng was consumed before heading out.
8ozs of water was consumed about 20 mins after the start of my run.
No food was consumed.
After 1.5 miles or so I felt warmed up, and my mind was in it.
After 4 miles my energy started to diminish. I had been moving for about an hour. Its obvious Im going to have to fuel for runs longer then 3 miles.

On Sunday, I barely did the planned 3. I woke up, and immediately new my run wasnt going to be easy. My stomach felt awful, and I wasnt sure if my body was going to rid itself of the lasagna I had the night before, in a not so graceful manner. I decided to truck on.

This time, I drove to the park. No, warm up for me. I tried doing 2 min run/ 1 min walk intervals, and it was rough. Rather then torture myself, I switched the game plan and did 1 min run/2 min walk intervals. That was much easier. I managed to stick with it, without incident.

However, there was a few things worth noticing:
Ginseng was consumed before run.
No food was consumed.
Body was stiff before, during, and after run.
After 1.5 miles my body was warmed up, my legs were not.
2 mins is a long rest period. I think I can bump it down to 1 min 30 secs
Stretching is my friend!

With all that said, Im anxious to see where this trainng will get me! It feels good to be training for something again. Here are some pics




And now I will rest! I have a 3 miler to do before work tomorrow, and Im so not an early bird. Especially when its just ME counting on ME to show up.

Until we talk again.



One comment on “Hurricane Sandy & Picking Up The Pieces

  1. Sandra
    November 21, 2012

    Cheering you on!!!
    Yes, I too am counting my blessings and my heart goes out to all those who suffered through Sandy.
    Have a Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving.

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