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Weekend Warrior No More

Im happy to say, I went from running a few miles on Saturday, to running 12 miles this past week. Its really hard for me to get up in the morning, but my fitness really excels when Im traing for something. It took registering for a half marathon to give me the push I needed.

3 miles on Sun, Tue, Thur( yes on Thanksgiving), and Saturday!

I hope I can keep up the momentum for this week. Here’s my plan:

Sun 4 miles (check)
Mon Xtraining or Active Rest
Tue 4 miles
Wed Xtraining or Active Rest
Thur 4 miles
Fri Rest
Sat 3 miles

Here’s an at home workout I plan on trying tomorrow.


If all goes well, I will design another workout for Wed. Im thinking planks, turkish get ups, and pushups. I really want a strong core for all this running I have in the plans.

Anywho, I will be sure to report back.

My goals for the week include the above, in addition to:

Eating a healthy breakfast daily
Cutting the sugar from my morning coffee
Eating something quick and light to fuel my runs.
Drinking more water

I think thats enough ambition for me now! Its all about taking baby steps right?

So any accomplishments this past week? How about goals for the near future?

Until we meet again.



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