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Looking Back on 2012

2012 has been some year for me! Much has remained the same, yet I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot of growth. Some of my most memorable accomplishments and moments:

Leading BGR – Jersey City for the past year has been such a fulfilling experience. I’ve met some women, who were missing from my life. I’ve been able to form relationships, that I know will be long lasting. And to think, it was the love of fitness that bought us together. To my girls, my sistah’s, Thank You!




Speaking of fitness, I’ve accomplished quite a bit:
437 cycling miles and
455 run/walk miles
I never would’ve imagined that I could do all of that. To think, these are miles that I actually took the time to log. It’s amazing how far a little effort can go.

Tour de Jersey City: my 1st organized bike ride. Yeah, I dropped out. The 15 mile fast paced ride, proved to be to big of a challenge for me. However it lit a torch deep within. I knew it was only a matter of time, before I would achieve that distance.


2 bikes later



The Tour de Bronx
Still can’t believe I participated, and finished this 25 mile bike tour. I was in excellent company, and I loved the fact that it was in my hometown. Truth be told, I’m already looking forward to next year’s ride.


Still on the subject of cycling, I love the moments spent riding with my co-rider. Thing 2 and I really got to spend a lot of quality time together. I will forever cherish this time spent.



Another memorable moment was my birthday. Yes, I said it! This was the first year in many that I’ve been even remotely happy. It takes special people to agree to go on a bike ride in another state, all with intentions of riding to a chain restaurant, that is present in a neighboring city. My birthday was about fitness, camaraderie, good times and good food, all shared amongst friends. My only regret is not having a picture to document the good times.

And now, for the not so memorable yet very noteworthy. Hurricane Sandy! Like many, I didn’t heed the warnings, yet my family and I lived to talk about it. The 9 days spent without electricity was so very challenging. There were many times I almost cracked, but in the long run I didn’t. Many people were affected by Sandy. The devastation left behind was and still is incomprehensible, yet I came out a winner. A winner because I lived to see the days following. A winner because I didn’t cracked when times got hard, and harder still. A winner, because I became a stronger person. Sandy fucked many, but she shaped me.

So yeah, 2012 in a blog post. Happy New Year all. Here’s to US, and to a GREAT 2013!


One comment on “Looking Back on 2012

  1. Sandra
    December 31, 2012

    Wishing you and your family an Awesome 2013

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